Fire Brigades Union Save Lincoln South Fire Station

In response to the Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Integrated Risk Management Plan consultation we, the undersigned, demand of Lincolnshire County Council: • NO to Lincoln South Fire Station switching to Day Crewed meaning increased response times. • NO to the loss of 1 Rescue Support Unit. • NO to the permanent move of the Aerial Ladder Platform to Boston from Skegness.
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This petition will be presented to the County Council on 20 May 2016


@Alan Smith: These cuts will actually lose money in the first year. The cost of building accommodation for the on duty firefighters will outweigh any savings and actually cost the county extra.

Those responsible for making these ludicrous decisions should fall victim and require the services they are degrading. I make no apology for wishing this upon them, they are putting my family and others at greater risk with their actions, may they suffer for doing so.

As well as all the other very valid points, how are these cuts saving anybody money? Attendance times go up, fire losses increase, insurance premiums rise. Net result? Less cash in our pockets, fewer people working to safeguard our community, and a poorer service. Sometimes saving money can be a costly business.

Think about those 4 minutes
It could kill lots of people by adding another 4 minutes
Please reconsider

im very upset at the news that lincoln south fire station is closing at night i find this very confusing and totally unacceptable that theres no 24 hour response whoever came up with this new idea and plan has totally not though it through as its pathetic and totally deluded they need a long hard look at themselves they are playing with peoples lives here effecting there family life and just work in general these are ppls futures they are playing with so i say and so lots of many otheres keep the lincoln south fire station open i knw the council are reading this take heed of my words and take a step back to think what u are doing is wrong and so it frustrates me sort it out and do the right thing by the people signing off one angry citizen .............

My partner is a firefighter and to firstly propose that he be away from home and family for up to 5 days and nights is just utterly upsetting to me. why brigade and council bosses are planning on changing the only family friendly shift pattern Lincolnshire has is beyond me. do the people who propose these cuts never think about the impact it will have on the workforce? decreased morale, increased sickness, decreased productivity to name but a few. I really hope these proposals are overturned and i can confirm I am behind you all the way !!
every second counts
cuts cost lives

Every Fire Service should have more than one shift system available to its staff to assist with work /life balance . Having a disabled son i would struggle to be away from home for 4 days solid ( 84 hours a week ) , this would be a burden on the wife and would create more stress in our household .

To switch Lincoln South Fire Station to being Day Crewed to save a few quid is madness! I understand local authority budgets are extremely tight but priority must be given to life protecting services. Collectively local authorities must also take steps to put political pressure on central government to divert funds from certain national departments and change some fiscal policy decisions to channel extra funding towards essential public service such as the Fire Service. Savings could be made by: scraping the recent decrease in capital gains tax; reducing the overseas aid budget; cutting funding to the Arts Council, to name but a few. The money saved here could be redirected to local authorities and ring-fenced to maintain essential public services. There would then be no excuses for ridiculous local proposals such as these. The areas mentioned are just a few examples of luxuries we cannot afford if the cost is to be paid in British lives.

Maybe the fire brigade should in future ask if the people are Conservative or not before deciding whether to attend an emergency. What a totally ridiculous idea from the powers that be. Let's just carry on cutting the budget from the lowest paid, the elderly, the disabled whilst the fat cats in the big companies cream off the top and get away from paying their rightful debts. Well done, I wonder how they sleep at night.

How can it be that as Lincoln expands meaning more residences and more industry and the ever growing university and its population that Lincolnshire County Council can ever consider that we need less fire and rescue cover in our city and surrounding area? It's ridiculous to think that if, for instance, there was a house fire around the Doddington Park/Birchwood area the chances are that North Hykeham retain crew and pump could arrive before the city's pumps. Or imagine a fire in a house split into student flats or bedsits in the west end of the city. The crew on call out all live 5 minutes from Lincoln South station. But the fair is on or City have a big evening game and the fire crew get held up in the traffic. Are Saxilby retain crew going to be sent and arrive first? If we get a big fire in Lincoln most of the crews that attend have to come from outlying villages already. I dread to think what will happen if there is one major fire in our city during the evening/night time hours if its going to take ten minutes or more for the first pumps to arrive. What if there are two fires or a serious accident at the same time? Then if there needs to be a high rise rescue does the crew for the bronto aerial ladder platform have to be called out from home and take another extra five minutes to arrive as they probably wouldn't be on station unless the senior firefighter first on scene asks for them? As has been asked already, how long will it be before there is a death in a fire in our city that wouldn't have happened before these cuts? And will the council be insured against the payouts when they are sued for being the cause of unnecessary deaths?