Fire Brigades Union Save Lincoln South Fire Station

In response to the Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Integrated Risk Management Plan consultation we, the undersigned, demand of Lincolnshire County Council: • NO to Lincoln South Fire Station switching to Day Crewed meaning increased response times. • NO to the loss of 1 Rescue Support Unit. • NO to the permanent move of the Aerial Ladder Platform to Boston from Skegness.
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Petition Closed

This petition will be presented to the County Council on 20 May 2016


This is a cut to an essential service which is named Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue. Over decades this service has done much to reduce the risk of fire but is now used more for other services. The proposed changes would affect the family lives of men who do not live within the 5 minute time of the station meaning that they would have to live on station for 96 consecutive hours. What condition would these men be in if they had a non stop run of call outs? They would not be in a condition to react in an efficient and safe wayfor themselves or us the people they serve. As for the increased response times I am sure you are aware that any delay in a number of situations leads to loss of life. I have been in a situation to see what a fire can do in 5 minutes and I have no wish to be in that position again. I strongly urge you to reconsider the given proposals.

These cuts are dangerous, no one should be forced to work for 120 hours and we shouldn't be the first city without a 24 hour fire station!!!

Light a fire and watch it burn for 5 minutes.......would you want your families in that position if they were stuck in a house fire for an extra 5 minutes or stuck in a life threatening car crash.....the concequences of this proposal is only going to end in one result more loss of life......Plus why should the front line crews have to be away from their families for 4/5 days at a time.........all in the name of money saving!

The Day Crewing change is a step too far. The council needs to reconsider.

End these cuts! The firemen dont deserve to be away from their families for such long periods of time. An extra minute in a fire is too long let alone 5!

I cant think of any thing worse than stretching an already stretched crew for the sake of saving money when the fire service is famous for saving lives i think it might be a different story when one of the people who made this awful decision needs there help though we already know the fire service would step right in and help

This is absolutely appalling, if this proposition is carried out, it will take Lincoln FireFighters four extra minutes to respond, that's four extra minutes one of your loved ones could be trapped in a burning building...

Not only that, my dad will be taken away from us 4/5 days/nights a week, to live in a tiny pod, is this really how we're going to treat the brave men and women who risk there lives to save ours? Please share this, and get all your friends to, this needs putting to an end.

So here we go again. Councillors repeatedly award themselves inflation busting pay while showing scant regard for the public who they supposedly represent. Do any of them have a clue as to what a couple of minutes, let alone five can have on an out of control fire left for those “few” minutes. The scenario for these proposals is a reduced fully trained crew called out who could have been on call for up to 120 hours. This crew is expected to do a potentially dangerous and life threatening job. Think about this Councillors – how would you like to earn your pay being on call for 5 solid days, away from your families, I think your answer would be negative. Try adding to that putting your life and that of others at risk by being near the end of a gruelling shift and facing a fire that has got that extra few minutes to take hold. For goodness sake, get a grip and come up with a better solution for keeping a professional, quick response fire service we deserve.

Another cut to a much needed and neccessary service , yet we still throw Millions of pounds abroad !!!

Lincolnshire seems to be last in Line for help. the Police force is one of the Lowest funded in Britain.
Its cut cut cut to each department..
its ok for the richer who CAN afford to pay private, There should be a Legal requirement in fees, per head, to ensure we do not get as desperately short of funds and staff as the NHS. The rich get richer the poor get poorer, is not a dig just a statement of fact.
we need a Constitutional Law to protect all Our services, Now.