Fire Brigades Union Save Lincoln South Fire Station

In response to the Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Integrated Risk Management Plan consultation we, the undersigned, demand of Lincolnshire County Council: • NO to Lincoln South Fire Station switching to Day Crewed meaning increased response times. • NO to the loss of 1 Rescue Support Unit. • NO to the permanent move of the Aerial Ladder Platform to Boston from Skegness.
417 signatures
Petition Closed

This petition will be presented to the County Council on 20 May 2016


Happy to support petitions against cuts LCC needs to fight back and try to defend its public servants .

I hope the energy, passion and media coverage the "save the library's" protests attracted is reflected in this petition and just fight to persuade LCC and fire authority that this downgrading of vital immediate response of fire crews should not and can not go ahead! Imposing a 5 minute response on crews, building an expensive accommodation block for them to live away from their families for 96 hours, sometimes 120 is damaging for everyone.

Proud to support this petition against these dangerous and life-threatening proposals.

Lincolnshire County Council should withdraw these damaging cuts plans and go back to the politicians in Westminster and tell them to pay up for the vital public services that people in our county rely upon.

No to all cuts to our council services!

the cuts are driven by money saving not the need of the public, time for the authority to stand up and tell the government service comes first

Not long till we are left with a bucket.

Try holding your breath for 4 minutes. That's the EXTRA time that the people in and around Lincoln, the most populated AND the highest risk area of Lincolnshire will have to do. Please don't be ignorant, stand your ground and protect your right to have firefighters that can save your life, not just move your deceased body in to the fresh air.

Up to 120 hours on duty with no guarantee of an unbroken period of rest? Still expected to drive a lorry? We would not allow this in the private sector

5 minutes is a massive difference between life and death. Stop these cuts.

I think this is absolutely shocking. I am definitely against these cuts

5 minutes in a fire could be life or death. The work the brigade does is irreplaceable and the more hands on deck the better. We need a well rested brigade in order for them to perform come on guys!