Fire Brigades Union Save Lincoln South Fire Station

In response to the Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Integrated Risk Management Plan consultation we, the undersigned, demand of Lincolnshire County Council: • NO to Lincoln South Fire Station switching to Day Crewed meaning increased response times. • NO to the loss of 1 Rescue Support Unit. • NO to the permanent move of the Aerial Ladder Platform to Boston from Skegness.
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Petition Closed

This petition will be presented to the County Council on 20 May 2016


Having had the need for the fire brigade on three occasions to unexplained fires waiting another five minutes I am positive would have seen our home go up in flames.
Fire is devastating and every second counts, not waiting five minutes.
It seems complete madness to me.

This is so stupid! 5 minutes is a very long time! When you need the fire brigade they can not come quick enough and to have to wait another 5 minutes is unbearable and will mean the difference between life and death! If someone is waiting and waiting for the fire service it could encourage them to endanger their own life getting desperate. This makes no sense, you can't put a price on a life. They do an amazing service and this should not be jeopardised!

It is a disgrace we don't expect our managers to work 96 hours.
But this shift system is all that is pushed to save money
The CFO and public should stand up for the only service that still has the interest of public safety first and foremost .it is not a race to the bottom .

These new proposals are absolutely ridiculous! Proposing that Lincoln's Fire Stations will not be staffed at night and adding 5 minutes response time to emergencies!! It will literally mean the difference between LIFE & DEATH!!! Please support this petition and support the fantastic job our firefighters do.

These cuts will only stop when lives are lost. We must protect our frontline services which was a promise by our government.

Every second counts, every resource matters! Don't allow the Council to jeopardise public safety with these cuts!

The run down of services has to stop. South Park crews cannot get decent housing close to the Fire Station so will spend 4 or 5 days away from home. It's VICTORIAN working conditions in the modern world! !!!