No Stopping ZigZags on Kingsley Avenue, Bourne Westfield School Entrance

We want School Keep Clear Zig Zags (No Stopping) outside Bourne Westfield School gate on Kingsley Avenue, a dangerous corner and cars parking along the road, others dropping off children causing dangerous driving, including driving on the pavement. Children's safety before driver's convenience. I propose No Stopping Zig Zags or similar traffic control measures, from the corner of Godiva Crescent to 5 metres past the school pedestrian entrance. This is why it is necessary. This morning as I walked round Kingsley Ave corner with 2 small boys, a car was driving down the pavement towards us, caused by another car blocking the whole road to drop off children. Cars were parked all along the road and round the corner. The simple solution is to have No Stopping Zig Zags from Godiva Crescent to past the school gate. This is not the first incident of dangerous, inconsiderate driving, let's make it the last! Let's get dangerous driving stopped before a child is seriously hurt or killed.
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