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We, the users of Tallington Level Crossing, understand that Network Rail are now seeking to replace the crossing with a road bridge, to allow many more passenger trains to use the East Coast Main Line safely. The off-set bridge, paid for by Network Rail, would eliminate the long delays experienced by road users at the level crossing but needs linking back into the road system by LCC. We therefore petition Lincolnshire County Council to budget for a link road contribution in this years budget; to enable work to proceed as soon as possible and allow the route to go round the village not through it, ensuring a sensible traffic flow for all users at all times. Please sign up here now and also send your comments via the budget consultation process. Thank you.
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As this ePetition is now closing may I take this opportunity to thank all those who signed it and also those who left comments. Hopefully the petition will now go to the LCC Highways Scrutiny Committee for them to determine the way forward. A copy of the petition will also be sent to Network Rail to show them the feelings of the travelling public that use this level crossing daily. I have temporarily posted the results of 1068 signatories alongside the crossing to let drivers know but believe everyone who signed will be getting an acknowledgement via email. Thank You once again on behalf of all present and future users of this road. Ken

I work for NetSupport n market Deeping, the Tallington Crossing causes huge delays and having to cross the crossing takes up a lot of time. I do usually take a different route but that route is longer and not as eco friendly to the environment. Hope something can be done to bypass the crossing so I don't hav to drive the extra 6 miles just so I don't have to wait for the 6 mins at the crossing when traveling to work and back home.

I hate having to do from Deeping to Stamford. You have to leave 30 mins earlier than you would like to leave in case you get stuck at Tallington which you can get stuck there easily for about 20-30 mins.

I cannot believe the number of crossings in the area, where there are no bridges. The Tallington one is a nightmare. I sit there waiting waiting waiting - sometimes 4 trains go by, then traffic moves, then lights go on again. It is a completely out of date system, it can be dangerous, plus all the lost man hours of work etc for those people in the queues. I dread it, but it is the most direct route for my trips to my mums & rest of my family.

I have lived in the Deepings for 35 years and use the Tallington crossing on an almost daily basis, I know that for 90% of my crossings the barrier is down. On average the barrier is down for 10 minutes at a time. On a number of occasions I have waited up to 20 minutes to cross. Rail traffic seems to be increasing. It is unfair that road users should pay second fiddle to rail passengers.

I have lived in the area for years and had the burden of this route between Deeping and Stamford. The problem is the level of activity on this particular rail route and the increased traffic on the roads. I have often been in a queue at the barriers for over 25 minutes while 4 or 5 trains pass and sometimes as long as 40 minutes. It is an absolute nightmare.

How many other 'A' roads in the county/country have a level crossing ? Good question.

I used to travel to Leicester nearly every day from Market Deeping, thankfully no longer. However I could bank on wasting at least an hour a week watching the trains go by, or the rear of the car in front. Its the emergency services who suffer the most, I've seen ambulances waiting to cross for at least 10 mins in the past. Lets hope the authorities start to see sense and plan to help all of us road users.

I have to travel between Uffington and Northborough regularly to visit my parents - they are getting older and it is a real worry when there is an emergency and I am stuck at the crossing for endless minutes. There is another route via the backroads but other people use it as a rat-run so consequently it is very dangerous, especially when the roads are icy. Let's do something before there are even more serious accidents.

As the person who created this ePetition may I thank all of those who have signed it. All LCC councillors have been informed of it and hopefully, after Friday's council meeting, sense will start to prevail and talks will take place to get the original northern option back on the table - and a bridge/by-pass built as soon as possible. A report will appear here on how things went. Thanks again. Ken Otter

Travel this way almost daily and spend way too much time waiting here! Something needs doing far sooner than later, as this has been talked about for years.

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