Petition to install a Pelican crossing adjacent to the Brant Road Surgery

Brant Road is a busy road at most times of the day with increased traffic at the usual peak times. A significant number of people including those less able bodied and those with young children cross the road to access Brant Road Surgery as well as schools, shops and homes. Brant Road continues to have issues with speeding vehicles creating greater challenge for those wishing to cross the road. Brant road is too wide and therefore too dangerous for a zebra crossing so a pelican crossing is required both for safety reasons and to aid community cohesion.
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I use this road regularly and have witnessed on a regular basis drivers speeding. This is a long straight road which appears to encourage speeding. There is a speed camera on this road, but it's a reasonable distance away from the local area in question. Considering the residential and the increasing amenities in the area it should be made a priority to ensure safe crossing for residents young and old. This should not be left to what appears to be the norm of needing fatal accidents to happen before action is taken.

I've seen some very dangerous driving along there, and those who are repeatedly guilty of it know where the speed cameras are and slow down only when they have to. Whatever the cost of installing a Pelican crossing it's more than worth it to avoid even one life being lost.

I would urge everyone who has ever witnessed the elderly, the young or the less able bodied contend with crossing busy roads to sign this very worthwhile petition. Even if you aren't directly affected by this particular crossing I'm sure you will be able to relate to those whose lives will be improved by its introduction.