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We are asking for your help to save Queens Park School. Queens Park School is a school for PMLD (profound and multiple learning difficulties) children. it is based on South Park Road, Lincoln. A proposal has been put in place for the closure of Queens Park School. We are campaigning to stop this happening as this school is an ofsted 'outstanding' school and a lifeline, family and community to our children. it is also the only PMLD in the county. Without this school, the children would lose their 'family and community' they would lose the magnificent ETHOS that comes with the school, and due to the childrens disabilities, it would be hugely detremental. Please show your support by signing this petition. many thanks.
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This school is brilliant. It does a wonderful job and should not be closed. One of the decision makers should spend a week working in the school with the children who have the most complex needs. Then hopefully they will actually be fully informed.

As someone who delivers Forensic Science Workshops into SEN schools, I know how invaluable these schools are for these children and in some cases they are a life-line. SEN children need routine more so than children educated in mainstream schools, these SEN schools provide more than the infrastructure for education, they provide a community network and are a much needed support group for both the children and their families. It takes 2 minutes to sign a petition, make a difference today and support this 'non closure'.

It is every child's legal right to have access to a broad and balanced education, which is appropriately differentiated to meet their needs! South Park specialist school does just this! the proposal to move the pupils to St Christophers or into the mainstream setting without access to these specially trained teachers would not only be extremely detrimental to the children involved at South Park, but also to the children at the other schools where financial support to cater for their own childrens needs is already stretched far too thin!
I feel there are legal grounds open to all parents/carers in sueing the council when they fail to meet these needs, and they undoubtably will if they go ahead and close South Park!
Lincolnshire county council has already a proven track record for being one of the worst in identifying and meeting childrens needs.. I concur radical reform needs to take place, but in the opposite direction to the one proposed!
I would urge all parents to contact I.P.S.E.A, Counsellors and the director of education and if that then fails the secretary of state for education!.. I did in the past and was successful in obtaining a statement, when Lincoln county council were adamant she had no special needs, despite having cerebal palsy and 32 idividual complex difficulties highlighted at the time by an educational psychologist!..
It was a fight.. but one your children need you to take on!

There are other options other than closing this school Councillor Darren Grice of the City Council has offered other very workable solutions that must be looked at before this school is closed for ever. Please listen to the residents of Lincoln and the Parents of the children who benefit so much from this school. Cllr Marc Jones (City of Lincoln Council)

SEN schools provide more than the infrastructure for education, they provide a social network and support group for the children and their families. Remove that and you will remove more than a child's right to an education - you will remove their security, stability and social network. These things are not so easily rebuilt once dismantled.

It's a basic right for a child to receive an education.

This sounds like a great school . Don't get rid of it the children love and need it .

This is ridiculous. i dont have children but i know people whose children have gone here and as a result had a quality of life they never would have had otherwise. I am at a loss as to who the people are who made this decision and on what grounds they made it. When central government issued instructions to make cuts I'm fairly sure this is not what they meant. They meant the self protectionist jobs worth middle management.

These children have enough problems in their lives without the upheaval of being forced to move schools and adapt to a new environment. How can we treat our most vulnerable children in this way just to save money? They thrive in their current environment with the aid of the excellent staff. Don't close the school.

This school has made such a huge difference to my daughters life. They say the work can continue when the children are transferred but it is the ethos and spirit of this school that makes it so special. By splitting up the children and staff over two sites and removing the current managment of Queens Park School that spirit and ethos will be destroyed. This school is so much more than just bricks and mortar to us perants that have seen what they do here work.


Thank you.

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