Save St Bedes School from Closure

A petition to prevent the school from closing on the grounds that will deny parents the choice of a secondary school which they have had in the past.
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Petition Closed


My children had a choice of secondary education in Boston - by closing down St Bedes and merging it with Haven High it means there is no choice of secondary school in Boston town for those children not going to the grammar schools. This is a democratic right and why shouldn't our local children have this choice - mine did. Our area is depirived and our local children have low academic aspirations with poor employment opportunities. No one should have the right to deny our children of the best possible education and removing a choice of secondary school does exactly this. Please save .St .Bedes and give our children a CHOICE.

I am a parent of 2 former st Bede's students, and my 3rd child wants to go there in september, but thanks to the LCC i have had my freedom of choice taken away from me and i am very unhappy. If i wanted my son to go to HH i would have put it on my application form but i did not as my 1st choice and only choice was ST BEDE'S, I will do everything in my power to help keep he school open !!!!!!