Save Tennyson School Save Our Town

We believe that the proposed closure of Tennyson school will have a catastrophic affect on, not only the young people of secondary age and their parents, but also local amenities, local services, local shops and businesses. The proposal to close the Mablethorpe site and transfer pupils over fifteen miles away to Louth will have a detrimental affect on the pupils and their education. The OFSTED report of March 2014 stated that the school is improving in effective leadership, achievement, teaching and behaviour and we believe it would be just to allow the school time and opportunity to continue in its improvements. Closure offers no hope or aspiration to the town of Mablethorpe. It closes down its future. New families looking to move in, or remain won't choose the town and therefore the viability of the primary schools will be jeopardised. The loss of employment and economic benefit of having a school at the heart of the community will be extremely significant. A viable alternative to closure can, and must be sort to serve the best interests of the children and the community of the Mablethorpe area.
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Realise I cannot sign this as, although I attended this school, I no longer live in the area. Mablethorpe will end up as a retirement wilderness if this happens. It needs families, so it needs this school.

For a town the size of Mablethorpe not to have a secondary school would be unthinkable.

It is unreasonable to effectively force children to travel 15 miles to school when considering all negative consequences: cost of transport, environmental issues, the burden that it will put on families and children: tired and time poor children will not be effective learners.

A school should be a communal hub. If children cannot choose to go to a school in their own community, their lives will become unnecessarily fragmented and they will become alienated from their own community.

Those responsible for the decision must consider, not the next 5 years, but the future of the town and its children for the next 30 to 50 years, not to do so would be unwise in the extreme. Once this local resource is lost, it will cost 100 times more to rebuild it than to find the necessary resources to make Tennyson a viable school. Obviously, if it can be made viable, there will be no shortage of students and funding opportunities in the future.

Frankly, the people that are responsible for this situation, should be held to account. This is not the fault of the parents or children of Mablethorpe, but of the people who have been entrusted to manage Tennyson school over the last 15 or so years - it is clear that if Tennyson closes, they will have failed our community and its children.

The most reasonable solution is for Tennyson to be re-constituted as a separate school. Yes, it may be a challenge to make the school viable, but it is surely achievable, and it will be the most cost effective solution in the long run, if it succeeds, if not in the short term. The Local Authority have a duty meet this challenge. Whether it succeeds or not will be a result of the efforts of those whose job it is to manage and facilitate the education of our children. Please, no more excuses...

Sorry that I can't sign the petition as I don't live in Mablethorpe now butI remember the school being built when I was young and my cousin was one of the first intake. I can't believe that they are even contemplating closing the school. What will be next??? I wish you well with the petition.

My children WILL NOT be traveling to Louth, financially it would cripple us as a family, we would no longer be able to actively take part in our children's target setting days etc, as i don't drive.
I would be home schooling our children and seeking additional help from the education department on areas which the DfE deem i am unable to cover to a satisfactory level too.
Our town and its children need a high school as does the children of Sutton on Sea which is not a 35/40 mile round trip a day away from home.
Do not deny these children a life outside of school, if they had to travel this distance few of them would have little time left to be children!
Break the link with Monks Dyke and make Tennyson a stand alone school again.
If any site has to close then the fact there are several other schools in the Louth area means there are more options open to the children of Louth, do not penalise Mablethorpe by taking away our school thus making our town unappealing to any newcomers or investors.

It's not just the school that needs to be saved but our town

As a former student and Head Boy of Tennyson School, I believe in finding a solution to keeping this school open. It is ludicrous to think that it could be closed and the costs, time and stress elements of transferring ALL Mablethorpe children up to 15 miles away for schooling is beyond belief. I urge the County Council to think about its costs. It will have to lay out the cost of more coaches for a start. LCC have said they have no more money in this respect, so how is it going to be possible? I certainly hope you do not penalise the parents who would struggle with this extra cost and burden!!

Tennyson has been a fantastic school to me and many of my friends in the past. It would be a travesty if it closed and I will stand alongside others to save this vital rural coastal school!

I live in Louth now and I sit as a Town Councillor here. I would suspect the people of Louth would not want the strain of a few hundred more children taking much needed spaces for their own children. Tennyson school must split from Monks Dyke, and must be re-established as Tennyson High School - closure is not an option!