Say No to Gorse Lane Quarry & Landfill

“I object to any development which would lead to loss of farmland on Gorse Lane, and the consequent damage it would cause to wildlife and the local community.” At last, the waiting is over. The application to dig up 250 acres of prime farmland, quarry limestone aggregate (that is not required) and infill the void with inert waste over a 36 year period, has been submitted to Lincolnshire County Council. 80 Trucks Rumbling down Gorse Lane and the A607 six days a week. That’s 480 truck journeys a week, 24,690 a year or 888,840 over the proposed 36 year life of the quarry. That's 888,840 journeys that do not need to be made. Please sign the e-petition and Say No to Gorse Lane Quarry and Landfill.
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It would upset the wildlife, spoil the appearance of the area, cause a lot of dust and give rise to noisy lorries all the time.

The main things this area has going for it is its beautiful landscape, its nature and its tranquility. This unwanted quarry and landfill threatens all of these things and we will all be worse off for it.

All the comments below plus, it's all very well to say there is a ban on using any other than the prescribed routes to cart the limestone and landfill backwards and forwards, but who is going to monitor just where this huge number of lorries is going in 2 or 3 years, let alone 25, and what will be the penalty if they don't adhere to these routes in the future?

To quote other villagers from Denton, this application beggars belief. To dig a hole to remove largely poor quality limestone, (limestone which incidentally is necessary to support the flora for the area) and then to fill with inert landfill at a time when most seem to be considering ways to recycle for the betterment of our planet seems preposterous.

Farming is essential to save on imports and our carbon footprint. How can quality farmland be re-instated by inert waste - concrete, brick rubble etc.

Look how great the site looks on East Midlands Today.

I love cycling up the hill.

We too have family in Denton,and enjoy the beautiful area surrounding Denton,so we are very much opposed to the threat of this invasion of the peace and tranquility

Although I do not live in the area, my family do, having chosen the area because of its peace and rural location. We have worked to support life and events in Denton, and the idea of a small number of villagers having their idyllic lifestyles violated by the giants of greed needs standing up against-Goliath doesnt always have to win. God bless you GOLAG