St Annes school, Harrowby Road

This petition is to do with the proposed ban of parking in the vacinity of St. Annes School, Harrowby Road Grantham and the parking problems it will cause for local residence.
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I have a child at the school and the crossing situation is not good. I can't see how the parking ban will work they need to sort out a proper crossing for us to use, something that actually stops the traffic.

I agree that safety is a concern around the school especially being a parent myself but parking in the town is already difficult enough without forcing residents on other streets to park on the already overcrowded street I live on. I agree with others recommending speed limit reductions and traffic calming measures. Reducing parking further is a crazy idea.

Parking is already at a premium in Harrowby Road and the side streets, such as Stewart Street and St Anne's Road. Imposing any form of parking restriction will simply exacerbate the problem.
I believe, like others who have commented, that a speed restriction would be a much more affective way of improving safety, not only for the school children, but also for the residents. Cars and lorries speeding up and down Harrowby Road, at any time of the day, has long been a problem.

There are a number of measures which would resolve the traffic issues on Harrowby Road, particularly near the school but a parking ban is not one of them. First of all cars rarely park on the school side of the road beyond St Anne's Church Hall anyway, and the parking in that area is set in from the road, so does not cause an 'on road' impingement that might be suggested by this proposal. Additionally, Harrowby Road is used by the largest of haulage vehicles as a cut through route, as well as by large numbers of vehicles coming in to the town wishing to cut out the traffic lights at the London Road junction.

In my view traffic calming measures along the length of Harrowby Road would be highly effective, such as those found on Belton Lane, which do not impact directly on the parking rights of the local residents, but slow the traffic considerably, particularly at road junctions and potential blind spots for vehicles turning on to Harrowby Road from small side streets.

Additionally, a zebra crossing is desperately needed on this road, but the School is not the place for this. I would suggest it would be better sited opposite St Anne's Church opposite Granville Street.

The lollipop person who works on Harrowby Road has done a fantastic job to date. If this is a funding issue for the school another suggestion might be for the teachers to share this role between them as do a number of local schools - Ancaster School being one that comes to mind.

The parking ban is an unrealistic proposal as it will require the residants outside the school to seek alternative places to park. This will only move the hazard else where on the street.
The root cause of the problem is the speed and the type of traffic that is allowed to use the road. A weight limit will reduce the HGV traffic and speed calming measures, already proposed by Neil Alexander, will prevent the continued use of the street as a "rat run".
I have noticed the absence of the lollipop person, is this a cost cutting measure?
Having lived on the street for 10 years I am unaware of any accident, which suggests the continued employment of a lollipop person is essential and safety will improve with the addition of the traffic calming measures already mentioned. This proposal is a more viable, achievable and ulitmately a safer solution than a parking ban at the inconvenience of everybody. I would even suggest that when drivers see a clear road they are likely to speed up.

I am against the proposed parking ban during school times at St Annes School, Harrowby road, Grantham.
It has been proved that just a speed limit will not reduce traffic speed, also the parking ban i cannot see will make much difference.
I agree that the school area does need something though. Surley a better idea would be to put give way traffic calming either side of the school to make sure this slows traffic and would reduce HGV vehicles using the road as a 'cut through'.
I have 2 children at the school so obviously i am concerned with the traffic but a zebra crossing would also be unsucessful on its own as cars speed down there. Even the traffic warden has had problems with vehicles.
I hope the council see sense and realise that a parking ban will acheive nothing in this instance!