Street Lighting needs to be on During the Night, in All Areas of Lincoln Residents.

At Present we have Street Lighting being Turned Off, During the Night, at around 22:00hrs in some Areas of Lincoln, Especially around the Estates, to Save Money. When we, the Resident's of Lincoln, are Very Concerned, that it will Endanger Life, and Safety, of the Resident's in these Areas, including the Elderly, that Live in Fear, that are Effected by this, and want the Street Light's Back on, at the Correct Times, on what they should be.
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It may have escaped your notice but criminals don't have night vision. A person I know who is lucky enough to live in a village without street lighting says any unexpected lights attracts attention unwelcome to those up to no good. By the way, I am 77 and have no fear about walking by myself down unlit lanes. The majority of women who are murdered are killed by somebody they know well so statistically one is safer outside than at home. And certainly far more women in Lincolnshire are killed each year in road accidents. Should we keep off the roads?

Sorry but I am a resident of Lincoln and a lot of people I know are also residents of Lincoln and we are not Very Concerned.

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