Urgent Review Into Road Safety Church Road, Woad Farm, Fishtoft Road and Kingsway Boston

WE THE UNDERSIGNED are concerned members of the community who hereby petition to request for pedestrian crossing protection on Church Road, Woad Farm, Fishtoft Road and Kingsway as these roads are too dangerous to cross. We would also like to see traffic calming measures introduced along the same roads with new restricted speed limits, speed bumps, speed cameras and a cycle lane, along with the grassed area on Church Road opposite Boston Nursery to be removed and changed into parking spaces. Fishtoft Road, Church Road, Woad Farm and Kingsway are all 30mph zones yet traffic often exceeds 40mph, with some local residents suggesting that 50 and 60mph having been seen, along with over taking manoeuvres. People are expected to cross these roads to gain access to St Nicholas Primary School, Boston Nursery, Sure Start, St Nicholas Church, St Nicholas Community Centre, Hawthorn Tree Primary and Nursery along with other local amenities. The nearest pedestrian crossing to these roads is outside Boston College and the Co-op. This means that to cross the road safely you have to walk in the opposite direction which is totally unacceptable. The named roads in this petition have poor visibility due to parked cars and hedges making it very difficult to cross. In fact it is safer to drive your car instead of walk or cycle and this needs to change now!!
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It is so scary the speed drivers are doing along these roads. It scares me to even let my son walk infront of me along the path. They come racing past hawthorn tree school even on school run time when little ones are all over the place on foot, scooters and bikes. When I use the surestart down fishtoft road, it is very scary trying to cross the road there as cars come flying over mount bridge at such high speeds and there is no crossing.

People frequently fly down church road at 50+ mph, there's at least 3 blind bends on that one stretch of road with countless children and elderly people living down there not to mention a nursery!! Do something before someone dies because of a speeding motorist!!!!

I had a car upside down on my front garden on Fishtoft Rd. Calming measures are long over due.

There needs to be some kind of traffic calming it is ridiculous the speed some.of these cars go and with the extra houses being built on mill road it gonna get worse .

I petitioned for traffic calming on church road when I was a resident, I now work in the area and have grave concerns for children's safety at nursery on church road

There needs to be some kind of traffic calming put into place and soon as traffic on these roads is only going to get worse with the extra traffic created by the new houses being built on Toot Lane and Mill Road.

As a member of staff at the nearby unit that provides care for young people with disabilities on Kitwood road,it is often a concern when accessing the community, that there is not a very safe place to cross, especially when pushing wheelchairs or when their are young people with less coordination and need that little bit longer to cross. There should at least be speed bumps put in, if not a crossing.