WiFi access to the internet in Lincolnshire Libraries

At the moment Libraries only provide access to the internet through the use of Library supplied computers. For security reasons there are understandable restrictions on what can be downloaded. Lincolnshire as a whole has poor internet access particularly in rural areas. Wi-Fi access in libraries would allow residents to use their own laptops and other devices to have faster access to the internet. As well as providing a useful service this would alleviate pressure on libraries to provide more library computers and might enable numbers to be reduced thus saving the library service money.
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A quick test of the WiFi facility at Stamford Library gve download and upload speeds of just over 8 Mbps. The library is to be congratulated in providing this facility and I would like to thank all supporters of this petition.

I have just discovered that Stamford library now offers WiFi connectivity. I shall post another comment when I have had a chance to use it.

WiFi access would be useful in coastal areas because, as you say, the internet isn't all it should be in certain locations; this is particularly true in Mablethorpe and Sutton-on-Sea. It could enable post-16 students to link up with outlying colleges such as the Grimsby Institute where many from our area go to study. It could also enable young people from poor backgrounds to participate in distance learning.

Seems a good idea but the devil is in the detail and one would have to think through particularly the security implications - namely what precautions need to be taken for example regarding library wi-fi clients publicly downloading dubious or unsuitable material in a public and publicly-funded building. There are of course many existing Internet caf├ęs (particularly serving migrant workers) in many Lincolnshire towns already and any library wi-fi provision would have to be competitively priced (possibly free).

I wish you luck - the basic idea is excellent and entirely sensible.

Living in a village with NO broadband access, this would at least enable me to download security patches etc. in a reasonable time.

I would greatly appreciate the ability to connect to Wi-Fi in the Lincolnshire Libraries (particularly Stamford) using my own computer. All my work and research is already on it and it's inconvenient/impractical to use library computers when users could simply connect to a Libraries Public Wi-Fi. Secure logins could be created and issued based on Library Card Membership, thereby allowing the monitoring of potential abuse of the service by members and revoking access if at all necessary. I agree that this would ultimately save library service money whilst at the same time freeing up resources for those that don't have their own computers. I believe that students in the Lincolnshire County area would benefit enormously from this sort of facility, not to mention those that have either no Internet or an extremely poor or unreliable Internet connection. I'm an IT consultant and would be more than happy to advise and/or discuss this further with anyone if need be.